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Destination 2010

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In the Spring of 2004, President Gonzalez launched a campus-wide initiative called Destination 2010. It is an exciting initiative for several reasons. First, it identifies four major areas — academic and student programs, a welcoming campus, the physical environment, and community engagement — that serve as the cornerstones of the plan. Second, it is broad enough to allow each division, department, and constituent group to plan goals and programs that will make it "their own." Third, it sets a general, but, clear direction for becoming the destination campus of choice — not only for students who study here, but for faculty and staff who work here, too.

Download our Destination 2010 document:
    - 2010 Outcomes (Word)
    - 2010 Outcomes (PDF)

The above document describes the ways that the Division of Student Affairs will work to actualize Destination 2010. The document is impressive not only because it describes exciting programs and services that will make Student Affairs a "Destination Division," but because it reflects an engaged process that allowed each and every department within the Division to conceptualize, confirm, and challenge what it does now and what it will do in the future to bring 2010 to life.

If you have general comments about the document, please send them to you have specific questions about the programs associated with a certain area, please contact the Director identified as point person for that particular department.