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Vice President's Message

Dear Sacramento State Student,

Dr. Lori Varlotta

Dr. Lori Varlotta

Whether you’re a first-year, new transfer, continuing undergrad, or graduate student, we are happy to have you at Sacramento State. Our mission at Student Affairs is to do everything we can to ensure that your time here will not only be productive and rewarding academically, but in every area of your college life.

Although Sac State is a large University—we have around 28,000 students and graduate almost 6,000 a year—we have a small school feel, and we make it difficult for any student who reaches out to "slip through the cracks." Chances are that when you’re reaching out, you’re talking to someone from Student Affairs, and if we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll guide you to someone who does.

Our involvement with you begins with "getting" you to Sacramento State in the first place. Our admission recruitment activities target many high schools and community colleges in search of students like you who make Sac State the uniquely diverse community in which we take so much pride. Once you’ve decided to become a part of our community, Student Affairs guides you through orientation programs, provides assistance in receiving financial aid, and helps you decide your educational career through Academic Advising. The Residence Halls are a part of Student Affairs as well, and we strongly encourage you to live on campus. On-campus living is not only fun, convenient, and "green," (think about the money you’ll save in gasoline and other commuting expenses) but studies show that students who live on campus are more likely to graduate in six years than those who commute. In addition to our traditional residence halls we recently opened the American River Courtyard, a modern apartment-like complex for upper-class students.

Dr. Lori Varlotta Receiving Award

Vice President Varlotta with Congresswoman Matsui
at the new Veterans Success Center open house

Once you’re a part of the Sac State community, an equally important part of Student Affairs is "keeping" you here as a student who is making good progress toward your degree. But college is not just an academic pursuit. It is an opportunity to become an active, empowered member not only of your campus but of the larger, diverse and interconnected communities in which you live and work. Towards that end we hope that you will check out the Multi-Cultural Center, Women’s Resource Center, the PRIDE Program, and the many educational and entertaining lectures, concerts, and workshops sponsored by Student Organizations and Leadership (SOL) and the University Union’s UNIQUE program. Most of these programs are run by students for students.

In addition to offering all kinds of civic and cultural programs, Student Affairs also provides you access to top-notch health and psychological counseling services. Stop by your campus health center to get first aid, an annual physical, a flu shot, counseling (for anything from test anxiety, feelings of depression, to homesickness), or a referral to other health care professionals. In addition to the current health center, Sac State opened the new WELL in September 2010. This large, state-of-the-art facility houses all kinds of game courts, weight and fitness rooms, a climbing wall, an indoor track and a new student health center.

Hopefully this overview of Student Affairs gives you a general idea of what the Division is responsible for and offers you. The most important thing to take away from this letter is that we’re here for you; our departments and services are all about making your experience at Sac State the best it can be in every way. Each of us in Student Affairs keeps that in mind at all times. So if you ever have any questions, please ask. Being fully involved in college life will not only make your time here enjoyable and fulfilling, but it’s proven that the more involved you become in your campus community, the better grades you will earn, and the more likely you’ll graduate on time.


Dr. Lori Varlotta
Vice President for Student Affairs